Better than Waikiki

We spent several weeks on Waikiki when we first arrived in Hawaii—pretty awesome, right? We delighted in the sight of famous Diamondhead in the distance, drank in the sunsets, swam with sea turtles in the amazingly turquoise water, enjoyed fireworks on the beach, and experimented with stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. What a glorious time! But recently we discovered a stretch of beaches on another part of the island–these with the same turquoise-blue water, but also with the loveliest velvety sand beneath our feet, PERFECT boogie-boarding waves, and, admittedly best of all, no crowds to join us in our adventure! What a sense of elation I experienced during those hours of non-stop boogie boarding; what peace flooded my senses on that quiet beach! I thought, “Hawaii just keeps getting better the more we experience it!”

And then it occurred to me how much this is like the Christian life. How exciting it is to enter into a relationship with the God of the universe through Jesus (even more amazing than getting orders to Hawaii!). It seems that nothing can top that joy. Then we start studying the Bible and learn more about the depth of God’s character and love for us, we see answered prayer, and He begins to change our lives from the inside out. And we realize that the more we experience in our walk with the Lord, the better life gets. This is the abundant life Jesus promised (John 10:10)! And the exciting part is, God is “able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20),” which means we have barely begun to tap into God’s ultimate plan for our lives!

Lord, may I not settle for the Waikiki of my Christian life; may I continually grow closer to you and into your extraordinary plan for my life.


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